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Benefitting the Healing Ministry of St. James Healthcare

When you make a gift to St. James Healthcare Foundation, you touch the lives of many in our community - patients whose lives are saved in our Emergency Department, patients who receive the most advanced treatment available with state-of-the-art technology, and patients who must travel outside the area for specialized services. Take action and donate today!

You can direct your donation to a variety of great programs and services:

St. James Greatest Need Fund

This is an unrestricted fund that helps St James Healthcare by providing new equipment, programs and services that enhance patient care. These funds are directed by the Foundation’s Board toward the most pressing needs of the hospital. Unless otherwise specified, all contributions received, including tribute gifts, are directed to this fund.

The St. James Legacy Fund

This fund was established by friends of St. James Healthcare who are committed to ensuring that St. James Healthcare is here to serve the community for generations to come. This project is raising a permanent endowment through estate gifts.

The Patient Compassion Fund

This program offers financial assistance to individuals and their families throughout southwest Montana who must travel out of town to get specialized medical treatment not available in Butte.

This program also helps individuals in the outlying areas who must travel to Butte for medical treatment but do not have the financial resources to do so. In addition to travel assistance, the fund assists individuals with short-term financial assistance toward co-pays and outpatient care.

Associate Sharing Program

This fund was established in 1996 as a formal avenue for employees of St. James Healthcare to give back to the community. Employees' and volunteers' donations comprise the largest source of funding, but private donations are welcome.

St. James Nursing Alumni Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarships to nursing students who have completed two years of study and have received an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree from Montana Tech of the University of Montana and are seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) at Montana Tech.

The Bern & Ruth Dennehy Healthcare Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarships for local high school students entering any health care field.

Department-Restricted Fund

This is a restricted fund that helps a specific department within St. James Healthcare.

  • Cancer Center Fund
  • Outreach Education Fund
  • Obstetrics and Neo-Natal Fund
  • Physical Therapy Fund
  • Cardiology Fund
  • Emergency Room Fund
  • Chapel Fund

To donate and/or learn more, contact the Foundation Office at 406-782-5640.

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