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The need for foster care families is critical; more than 3,400 children in Colorado are currently in foster care, and more families are needed. Each day, we receive numerous referrals for children of all ages needing a place to stay.

Mount Saint Vincent’s Foster Care Program trains and certifies foster families. We offer individualized support and guidance throughout your journey. Read more about becoming a foster or foster adopt parent.

What is Foster Care?

Foster care is the temporary 24-hour care of children who cannot remain in their own homes due to abuse, neglect, or other safety concerns. Mount Saint Vincent contracts with county departments of human services to provide foster care placements for these identified children.

Foster families provide children a stable, safe, and nurturing environment until they can return to their biological families. If returning is not an option, an adoption plan may be developed. Alternatively, foster families may be asked to help older children develop independent living skills.

Mount Saint Vincent’s Foster Care Program serves children ages newborn to 18 years old whose length of stay in foster care may range from overnight, to a few months, or a few years. If adoption becomes the permanency goal, a child may be adopted by his or her foster family. Children placed in foster care come from every social, economic, ethnic, and racial background. They have been abused or neglected, or may have medical or emotional needs. What they all have in common is a need for a safe home and a family to love and care for them for as long as necessary.

If you’d like more information on becoming a foster care family, contact or 303-458-7220.

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