Mount Saint Vincent


Mount Saint Vincent is the Rocky Mountain region's premier provider of behavioral  health treatment, foster care services, preschool through eighth-grade education, and trauma-informed training — all focused on children and their families. Our innovative programs help children reach their full potential within their homes, schools and communities. The focus on trauma-informed care makes Mount Saint Vincent one of Colorado's most highly regarded human services agencies.

Mount Saint Vincent's approach to care is based upon the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), a trauma-informed and developmentally sensitive model that builds upon a child's strengths. For 135 years, we have helped over 18,000 children realize their potential to succeed. 

Foster Care brings the continuum of care full circle, as vulnerable children are placed into caring adults' secure, nurturing homes. Mount Saint Vincent is child-focused and family-centered, believing that building on individual and family strengths results in happy children and healthy families.

Mount Saint Vincent implements a developmentally sensitive approach that reflects the most up-to-date research about the impact of trauma on young children and what they need to begin to cope and eventually thrive. Adjunct therapies such as art, animal-assisted, dance/movement, and music are provided. As part of a mental health treatment plan, these specialized services allow young children to express themselves non-verbally. 

These gentle, non-threatening approaches help children feel safe as they learn to trust, form relationships, self-regulate, and reintegrate into their communities.

Mount Saint Vincent serves children and their families through a variety of therapeutic, educational, and counseling programs, including:

  • Outpatient therapy

  • Individualized day treatment

  • Foster care training and services

  • In-home treatment

  • Community education and training to develop trauma-informed skills

  • K–8 school addressing cognitive, social, and behavioral needs

  • Community early learning center serving the local Denver metro area

Mount Saint Vincent has served the needs of children since our early beginnings as an orphanage established by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1883. We continue that tradition today, providing treatment, services and help — as well as care and hope — for children in need.

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